How a Story Can Change

Fireside Chat w/ Elisa Camahort Page & Robert Scoble

Technologist Robert Scoble has lived his life in the public eye. Behind the technology and vision is the story of a man who changed visibly before us. Join Chief Community Officer of SheKnows media, writer and founder of BlogHer, Elisa Camahort Page as we dive into the story of change, the future of connection and what’s next in this very special fireside.

The Periscope Panel

Members from Periscope take the main stage.

Half panel & half audience participation ask members of Periscope’s core team your burning questions and listen to a wonderful discussion on the build of one of history’s most game changing apps.

Disrupting Education

From Dewey Decimal System to Teaching in Space
Discovery has a VR app, National Geographic brought the Obama family to Yosemite and collaborative apps and site are redefining the way we teach and learn. Join the leaders of education as we discuss some of the most amazing ways technology is changing the way our world connects.

The SnapChat Panel

The world’s most innovative Snappers talk case studies and best practices. Is Snapchat the best platform for shortform story? Will the next Scorsese arise from it? Is Snapticles the best thing? An in depth discussion on what the company is becoming and brands and creators tell stories.


Gaining Followers

From Growth Hacking to Creating an Ecosystem these experts go over tools, tricks and six sigma the hell out of how to grow your audience. Learn some of the easiest ways to ensure that your content is seen and re purposed. Smarter not harder folks.


The Original Social Media & Live Innovator.

Over 50 years ago NASA produced some of the first (and most important) live video. Join our friends from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to discuss the history of engagement through technology to the future.


Driving Multiplatform Traffic

Snapchat to YouTube, Facebook to Twitter to blog to website. Very few can make all the lights turn green. Fast-track your abilities with the movers and shakers who blast through each platform with abilities of a greased ambulance.

The Largest Canvas

The Future of Story in Virtual Reality

Humans started narrative on the walls of caves and told stories around the first fires. Join the discussion on VR as the next digital campfire and talk to the most brilliant minds from Oculus, VRScout, and many more as we discuss stories that transcend our current definitions.

The New Legal

Disclosing Up Front and Easily

With new money flows and partnerships how to we stay compliant in a scrutinizing world. Join the most forward thinking law professionals and find out the ins and outs of

Actors on Social

How are entertainers connecting and staying relevant? Let’s discuss the favorite platforms, who’s doing it well and the results achieved. Join actors from Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley and other popular shows and discuss how we connect to the people we already think we know.

The Future of Art

An interactive showcase with Amanda Oleander

Art, Music, Live… The most famous Periscoper in the world creates live 3D art and discusses the future of collaborative painting in this very special mixed reality presentation with the HTCVive Tiltbrush.

Getting started in social

From domain to logo. Brilliant speakers from Rightside, Backlamp Studio and more teach you how to start up 5 companies a day for just a few bucks. All attendees will receive a free domain and some damn good ideas on how to use them.

Telling Your Story Through Travel

See the world through someone else’s eyes. Join some of the brightest travelers as they discuss a life of GoPros, cruises and food… and why sometimes it’s not as good as it sounds.


Directly Monetizing Livestreaming for Brands & Individuals

From ads to sales the first YouTubers and the newest of influencers find money somehow. A panel of experts, platform builders, brands and creators discuss the past and future of making money through talent.

Photography and Lighting Tricks for Creators

From personal mobile use to studio use we’ll discuss ways to trick space, create high quality content and light up your story. Lumee will be doing a special giveaway as well.

Will Robots Become Our Overlords

Artificial Intelligence meets a chatbot with machine learning and has a baby smart enough to learn everything humanity has learned within a few hours. Is this an arms race or an app race? Join public and private sector humans to learn how quickly our world can change.

The TV of Tomorrow

Twitter has NFL and the debates, FBLive has partnered with broadcasting platforms. Is the “2 screen experience” dead or has it just changed. Has television fragmented? Discuss this with the people that create television. This special panel will include guests from The Television Academy (Emmys).

Mentor Breakout Sessions

A series 30 minute interactive discussions with the pros. Each session limited to 20 audience members. We will have a list to sign in at reception. Topics will include VR story, Snapchat, Periscope, Live Broadcasting tools, Branding, Creative Strategy and many more.

Personal Branding

How have some of the stories changed? Many start out thinking they’ll be one thing and end up being something completely different. How do you adapt to your audience… to yourself. In the end, it’s about following your transitions. We’ll discuss this with some amazing people who’ve redefined their stories right in front of our eyes.