Ryan Anderson Bell


Ryan's work connects Hollywood to Virtual Reality. His work with Special Olympics and Erase Child Trafficking have garnered recognition from CBS and The Presidential Office. He is an award winning poet and actor. Visit him at Ryan.Live or connect on Twitter @ryan_a_bell.

Rob Crasco


Rob Crasco AKA RoblemVR is a Virtual Reality Influencer / Evangelist / Entrepreneur. Consultant BackLamp Studios, Author VRScout, Behind the Scenes Guy for Summit.Live. Top ranked VR/AR Influencer, decade of experience in virtual worlds. Background in computer science and marketing, worked for AT&T, Ziplink, News Corp, and iBasis.

Jon Burk


Jon joined the Al Roker team in 2012 as a way to add the digital and social broadcasting elements to the slate of unscripted TV programs and branded content produced by Al Roker Entertainment (http://www.alroker.com). Jon was a guiding force in the development of Roker Media, the first data-driven, live streaming network, specializing in original programming broadcasting on a number of social broadcasting platforms including Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow, Twitch, Live.ly, and YouTube. As a freelance content producer/marketer, Jon advises on new technology and platforms that continue to put Al Roker Entertainment and Roker Media at the forefront of content creation and broadcast. Based in Los Angeles, Jon also manages Al Roker’s personal content and social media profile across numerous channels and works with a variety of brands, content creators, and non-profits in developing digital content strategies. Prior to his tenure with Roker, Jon spent 20+ years managing marketing teams at Capitol Records, EMI, and BMG.

Sabrina Cadini


Sabrina Cadini is the founder and creative director of La Dolce Idea Weddings & Soirees, an award-winning full-scale design, planning and production company that creates unique experiences. Specializing in a wide spectrum of events from corporate functions to luxury weddings and private celebrations, Sabrina combines original ideas, seamless management and attention to every single detail that always exceed her clients’ expectations. Sabrina is also a passionate broadcaster and very involved in the live streaming community. She loves to use technology to improve productivity in her business, to keep sanity in her life and to have fun with new tools.

Hannah Breaux


Hannah Breaux is an award winning orator and live streaming community leader. Her passion for community service brings a compassionate intent to all of her creative endeavors. She helps people find their voice on social media by providing contextual advice and genuine personal support. Hannah’s work with The PeriGirls, a huge community of woman live streamers, has inspired many people to push past their fears and recognize their own power as creators. She is a member of The PeriGirls Leadership Team, former Circle K International chapter President, and is likely to cross the street to pet that cute dog.

Evan Meacham